Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Little Defensive

Last weekend, I sent my Jman girls to Madrid for a church planting class taught by a visiting seminary professor from the states. They said that they really liked what the teacher had to say, but that they came away discouraged, feeling like he didn't approve of our team's strategy as they shared it with him. Now, he's invited himself to visit our team's house church time next week.

Now I'm feeling defensive. Is he coming to confront us about the direction of our work? Why would he want to sit in on our worship time? We don't really invite others to come along, so it will be strange, anyway.

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David Rogers said...

I can understand your reluctance to turning your spiritual family time with the Lord into a missiological laboratory. But, maybe, instead of coming to tell you how to do things, he is just coming because something the J-girls said piqued his interest, and he just wants to observe, and gather information, as he continues to think through something as complicated as church planting in Western Europe.

Just a thought.