Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Other Side of the Coin

This blog is a companion to Missions Misunderstood, where I post my thoughts on missions, misiology, and church planting strategy. Unlike that site, where posts are long (more often than not), thought-out (sometimes), and pedantic (invariably, but unintentionally), I'll use this blog to bore you with the details of my life.

Believe it or not, very little of my time is spent wrestling with the ideas and philosphies I write about at Missions Misunderstood. Those themes are the background music to my daily adventure as a church planter in Western Europe, but they don't fully reflect what life is like for me and my team. I want Stepchild to be a blog in the truer sense of the word, with pictures, a wider range of topics, and running commentary to our experience.

So, let's just say that you're interested in deeper, missiological ideas. Well, then Missions Misunderstood is for you. But if you're curious about who we are and how all of that plays out in real life, this is the place for you. And my Mom, who is the only person confirmed to be a regular reader.

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LAMoore said...

Hey. I came across you today while going over our own blog. We will be going to Europe soon as church planters as well. I found your missions misunderstood to be interesting.

My husband and I did not apply through IMB, as we would be one of the rejects. We will be going with GEM or Greater Europe Mission.

We hope not to be one of the "lifers" you describe, but will be there long term, and do plan to become one of them as much as possible; quirky personality and all.

Check us out at